Our Journey in AI

Hachly is an AI Automation Agency founded by Eldar Agayev.

Based in London, supported by Warwick Start Up Programme and NatWest Business Accelerator.

We are helping businesses to automate processes and scale 10x faster.

Mid 2022

Eldar started using AI in current businesses by integrating AI into coding and business operations for simpler, faster results

January 2023

We started using AI in content creation: Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter

March 2023

First AI-driven startup developed by Hachly – MindExplorer AI.

At MindExplorer we helped businesses to conduct AI-driven interviews for market research.

October 2023

We launched our second startup Hachiko – child-safe chatGPT for kids. In addition, we released more than 20 different custom AI agents using GPT-4.


We are helping businesses to integrate AI into business processes and train employees while building and launching AI-driven startups.


Join us on our journey

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